Maxi Melt offers an interesting range of tip assemblies to increase performance and increase lifetime against abrasion and corrosion. The standard tip assembly , consisting of a body, valve and seat, undergoes wear on the flights because of the friction with the valve during the plasticizing process. To offer greater resistance to wear of the tip flights we offer two solutions.


Tip assemblies from diameter 30 mm up are made from 39NiCrMo3 material (38NCD4). The fights are Plasma welded with eutalloy borotec 10009.


Tip assemblyFor tips of all sizes the body and flights are made from hardened material (58-63 HRC). The threat is tempered to avoid breaking. It is important to choose the right kind of base material in relation to the wear. (abrasive and / or corrosive).

For the valve and the seat Maxi Melt recommend, based on extensive experience to use hardened materials with hardness 58 to 63 HRC. The tolerance of the outer diameter of the valve is of extreme importance for the right fit with the cylinder. Our high quality ensures the tight tolerance according to the internal diameter of the cylinder.

Wear resistance reinforcement for body tip

Reinforcement Base alloy Alloy components Hardness (hrc) Abrasion resistance Corrosion resistance
Eutalloy borotec 10009 Ni Cr, C, Fe, B, Si 54 – 59 HRC xxx x


The OEM parts have been developed for plasticizing all polymers, making them not suitable for delicate processes. The geometry of the tip can have an important influence on its duration and its functioning. MAXI MELT is able to redesign the geometry of the tip assembly, with a better performance and therefore better suitable to your needs.


Tip assemblyFor special applications it may be necessary to reduce the adhesion coefficient, For these situations we use a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process that provides a surface layer on the three components of the tip assembly based on titanium, zirconium, chromium or other chemicals to reduce the adhesion coefficient and increase corrosion resistance.

Tip assembly coatings

Coating Thickness of layer (mm) Hardness Abrasion resistance Corrosion resistance
Chrome plating 0,020 – 0,035 800 – 1100 HV 0,1 xxxx xxx
Nickel plating 0,015 – 0,025 500 – 600 HV 0,1 xx xxxxx
PVD, TiN 0,004 2500 HV 0,5 xxx xx
PVD, CrN 0,004 2100 HV 0,5 xxx xxx
PVD, CrN-multi layer 0,008 2100 HV 0,5 xxxx xxxx
Suitability: (x good) to (xxxxx excellent).

To receive more information about other types of tip assemblies such as the mixing, ball, etc. please ask your sales representative.