The Maxi Melt screw is equipped with a dynamic pineapple mixer, special designed and calculated to achieve minimal shear stresses on the polymers and additives, but enhances the distribution and makes the melt homogeneous without degrading and productivity loss.

The Maxi Melt mixer ensures a high homogeneity without pressure drops and offering great advantages to the melt quality. The innovative geometry of the Maxi Melt mixer  avoid areas where the polymer can be deposited; The Maxi Melt mixer is self cleaning which makes it suitable for processing soft polymers such as POM and PVC. In most cases the use of the Maxi Melt mixer makes the use of static mixers unnecessary! The advantages of the Maxi Melt mixer are the following.


The mixer ensures optimal homogeneous distribution of the masterbatch and pigments and therefore allow a faster color product change and in may cases also offers reduction of masterbatch


The mixer ensures a better homogeneity of the melt and together with a better temperature control of the process it will produce molded parts with a better mechanical property. In case of materials with glass fibers a lower  crushing of the fibers is monitored. The increase of the mechanical strength depends on the specific situation but can be around 20%.


Thanks to the greater homogeneity of the molten polymer flowing into the cavities of the mold it is possible to work with a lower injection pressure and produce parts with a better appearance.


The mixer improves the distribution of the additives within the molten mass.


Usually in case recycled material is used the material consists of various particle sizes. During the plasticizing smaller particles will melt faster and might degrade quicker, while the larger particles often create infusions. The MAXI MELT profile together to the mixer avoids degradation and infusions, consequently makes it possible to use higher percentages of recycling material without encountering the typical problems of inconsistent dosing of the screw and bad aesthetic appearance.