Maxi Melt offers a wide range of end caps, adaptors and nozzles, resistant to abrasive and / or corrosive wear. They can be made from standard nitriding steel, hardened steels or powder metallurgy material (PM).

Base materials for end caps, adaptors, nozzles

DIN standard Material Type steel Treatment Hardness Abrasion resistance Corrosion resistance
1.8550 34CrAINi7 Nitriding steel Nitrided 950 – 1150 HV 5 xx x
1.6511 39NiCrMo7 Nitriding steel Nitrided 950 – 1150 HV 5 xx x
1.2344 X40CrMoV5 Tool steel Hardened 58 – 63 HRC xxx xx
1.2379 X155CrVMo121 Tool steel Hardened 59 – 63 HRC xxx xx
KPM1 PM material Hardened 58 – 63 HRC xxxxx xx
KPM2 PM material Hardened 55 – 62 HRC xxx xxxx
Suitability: (x good) to (xxxxx excellent). Other materials avaiable on request. PM is powder material


MiscelleneousMaxi Melt delivers also adaptors that may be fit to low cost standard nozzles. The adaptor can support a standard Maxi Melt nozzle which may also be designed according to the molders specific requirements. Applying this standard procedure means cost saving for nozzle purchase, less storage cost and possibility to use the same nozzle on different molding machines.